Emergency and Scheduled Service


For routine service and maintenance, put C.W. Cummings first on your list.

Scheduled service is always the best investment in the long run. We can identify potential areas of concern.

  • Tune up and inspect your boiler or furnace
  • Winterizing vacation or mobile homes
  • Inspect pipes and fixtures
  • Drain Service 

Emergency Service

When it comes to plumbing emergencies, there is never a good time.

Whether because of inconvenience or the potential financial stress, plumbing emergencies can take a huge toll on anyone.

And in today's tough economy, it's good to know that you can depend on C W Cummings plumbing to be there when any emergency plumbing situation strikes.

Regardless of your situation, call us first.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, family owned CW Cummings is your best choice for emergency plumbing services anywhere in Rhode Island.

We can dispatch a service technician to your home or business in record time.  

We'll help get your plumbing headaches behind you and for much less than you can imagine!


A contractor that is on YOUR SIDE!

Single family,
Investment property,
Owner Occupied,
Property Managers,

Have all depended on the quality work and stress free pricing that makes CW Cummings your best investment in plumbing, heating, service, and solar in the Rhode Island area.

Call us at 401-828-7730
Save today, and Sleep Tonight!

*If you believe you are in any potetntially hazardous situation, (leaks near electrical sources, gas smells, etc),  leave the buildling and call from a cell phone or neighbors house.

We want to keep you safe!